Vinyl – High End

  • Tidal Audio Preis-D
  • tidal piano speakers

What a joy, what an experience, traditional Vinyl played by a turn table on a high-end stereo system. A perfect example how tradition and innovation go hand-in-hand fascinating every listener with a perfect illusion of being in a concert – live!

I like my turntable, my CD Transport, but my high resolution streaming audio input as well. There is a time for each of these media formats – mood driven. The most relaxing and engaging experience for sure is the traditional Vinyl album with it’s pure analog sound, the haptics of a gate-fold cover, liner notes and the joy the listen to records which at their time were recorded with true artist and their acoustic instruments, mixed by highly capable sound engineers. An immersive experience – dream away…

For the discovery and innovation part, high resolution audio streaming is a great tool to search for new music, new and old, contemporary or classic.

And the best: I do support some high-end manufactures, focussing on true German engineering and hand crafted products, with web design, social media marketing and online communication. It’s fun and combines my love for high-end stereo gear, learning every day how our digital society evolves, and not the least get great products at a bargain. See my work for Subbase Audio.